• The two companies assisting us with this service are Intercom and Aircall – the world’s leaders in the provision of this type of service.

• The use of these service providers will entail a limited transfer of data to the USA and the British Indian Ocean Territory.

• The transfer is necessary to enable your employees to resolve their support cases in a much more efficient and easier way.

• The type of personal data transfer will be your employees’ name, telephone number, email addresses and device telematics like version and Operating System (as well as any contents of their support messages sent via these tools).

• Because the use of this tool will engage a transfer of personal data outside of the EEA, your employees should be aware that the same legal protections may not necessarily be available in connection with the data transferred. For example, the countries where the data will be transferred may not have a data protection authority to help enforce their rights connected to their personal data.

Both Intercom and Aircall’s privacy pages are available here:

Intercom Terms & Policies
Aircall Privacy Policy

You have the option to opt-out of our support services on a company level, via the company settings page in the Smartday Planner Admin:

Send us an email on [email protected] if you have any questions regarding privacy.

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